Technology Partners

With an aim to offer best possible product, quality and hassle free experience to our clients and reseller partners, We at Wealthy Walker Technologies carefully identified world's best companies who are market leaders in particular product or service that supports our business module and work very closely with the following partners.



Codoffer Infotech

With a passion and enthusiasm to develop and deliver high quality products in compliance with OTA standards, W3 guidelines and PCI compliance, our dedicated young and innovative production team is constantly in search of new technology, features, brainstorming and implementation. Here we have qualified graphic animation experts, designers, front end developers, programmers and digital marketing team. .

Google Apps

Globally renowned for its secure and efficient mailing services, We use google apps as our email server, storage of email data, contact data, meetings, appointments, chat with our team members etc.

Google Cloud PlatformPreferred by top companies worldwide, with google cloud we provide our clients with most effective and fast data transfers with 99.99% uptime, backup, firewall protection, malware protection, anti-spamming notification and with integrated content delivery network we assure faster delivery of our webpages to your device. The could console  allows our server team to monitor the daily performance, threats, detect each user location and IP.


Send GridAs a popular cloud based transactional email and marketing email provider SendGrid is used by our team effectively on a daily basis. We love the easy interface, reports to track mail delivery, analysis consumer behaviour and response statics. We also integrated Sendgrid for automated emailers.


Security MetricsSince its founding in 2000, security company specializing in vulnerability assessment scans, penetration testing and forensics has grown  to a global leader of data security and compliance solutions with over 300 employees. Today headquartered in Orem, Utah, SecurityMetrics continues to provide the expert services to ensure we maintain data security of our customers and clients.